Effective Counselling and Psychotherapy for Uncomfortable feelings, fear and self-doubt

You deserve to feel better every day

Therapy can make life feel easier and dissolve uncomfortable feelings, fear and self-doubt you may be living with. It’s about getting to know how your mind works and how to manage it for optimal mental wellbeing. As a BACP counsellor and psychotherapist I provide a safe space to say the unsayable.

If you're ready to make change happen, I’m here to help.

Feel welcomed into a safe, calm and comfortable private room at Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 00180 Helsinki, on the 5th floor.

My working hours with clients are as follows;

11am till 5pm Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Reasons to give therapy a try

11 intriguing reasons to give talk therapy a try. Click to know more.

Why talking is important

Research has shown that verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Click to know more.

Why social support is important

Why social support is important

Research shows that social support is essential for maintaining physical and psychological health and can help build resilience against stress. Click to know more.

Is therapy for wusses?

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Confronting your emotions can be one of the hardest and scariest thing you can do. To be trusting, open and vulnerable with another person takes real bravery. Many of us grew up under the impression that internal stuff shouldn’t be discussed, it should be swept under the carpet. This is perhaps the single worst thing you can do for yourself. Suppressed and repressed emotions effect you physiological and mental health, do something about them today!