Hello, and welcome to my site

My name is Timothy Hudd and I’m a native English speaking British national living in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. I’m a qualified BACP counsellor and psychotherapist and belong to the BACP accredited register in the UK, which commits me to working safely, ethically and confidentially to professional standards. I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adult individuals for 120 euros (including ALV) per 50 minute session. Currently I cannot offer Kela reimbursement.

Timothy Hudd counsellor and psychotherapist

What I offer

I aim to provide a relationship that is empathic, genuine and unconditional, where you feel valued and understood. A relationship in which you are able to grow and self-right in such a way that you move away from façade, from pleasing others, and towards self-direction, openness to experience, acceptance of others, and the trust of your ‘self’. The power and direction for change comes from within you. I see my role as solely to provide this new relationship that allows you to direct the therapeutic focus for your growth and development.
We as human beings have an innate tendency towards growth and development. Movement towards this flourishing becomes automatic when we encounter the type of relationship stated above. The absence of these types of relationships in people’s lives, especially in early life, are what creates, in the majority of cases, psychological distress and dysfunction that impedes the growth of ourselves towards flourishing as human beings.

How I work

I specialize in face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy with individual adults using the person-centred approach. The usual way to proceed is that we arrange an appointment time for you to come in and to discuss the problems that you may be having, from there we can decide if I can be of help and if we want to work together.

Finding the right therapist for you is of great importance at this stage of counselling and psychotherapy, research shows that this working relationship is the second most predictive element of good therapeutic outcomes. So don’t be afraid to say that you do not want to work with me, but keep looking for the right therapist that suits you.

If we decide to work together, we can then arrange for further sessions to take place every week at the same time. My standard session rates are 120€ for a 50 minute session.

What I work with

Within the understanding of the medical diagnostic model of psychiatry, I work with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, relational problems, bereavement, abuse, PTSD, CPTSD, adoptions issues, stress, work related issues and anger management, self-esteem problems, intercultural and integration issues, identity, acquired brain injuries, BPD, BD, OCD, self-harm, social phobias, personal development and many others.

The Person-centred approach that I use for counselling and psychotherapy sees human suffering as universal, that the problems of living all have the same essential cause and therefore sees no need for individual diagnosis. Therefore, we use different terminology to describe mental health to that of the prevailing medical model of psychiatry. The person-centred approach rejects the arbitrary medical model of diagnosis as harmful to label and stigmatise people along with the many other issues that it causes, but understands the need to work within this dominant model.