Fees and Payment

Session Rates

Standard session charge for a 50 minute session is 110€.

Online sessions cost 110€ and last for 50 minutes.

Extended sessions cost 160€ and last for 75 minutes.

Invoice Payment

Invoices will be sent via email and payment is due within 14 days of the appointment. If the fees have not been paid within the 14 days and this has not been discussed with me then therapy maybe paused or terminated and additional charges will be added.

Late Cancelation fees

Cancellation of a session needs to be given 24 hours before the session is to take place. Failure to contact me will incur the full charge of the session. This charge will be invoiced in the same way as stated above.

Electronic Payment Details

On your electronic payments please include your reference number from the invoice.
Account Name: English Therapy Helsinki
IBAN No. FI39 7997 7993 7574 05

Payment using cash

I accept payment in cash at the end of sessions.

Payment using Payment cards

Currently I do not accept payment cards as a method of payment.

If you have any questions or problems with payment please contact me as soon as possible and will do my best to find a solution to the problem.